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Animal Control Shelter

Seborn S. Gregory
Animal Control Officer
(870) 845-7414
Animal Control
The Blue Bayou Animal Shelter was probably the first shelter, in
this area, that supported our surrounding towns. It was located between
Nashville and Lockesburg, on HWY 371, and provided a service to the
towns and county for a fee. The shelter received so many strays and
unwanted pets, but not enough money to keep the service going, so
eventually shut down.

   In 1997 the following towns, Dierks, Mineral Springs,
Murfreesboro, Nashville and Tollette, were still having a problem with
strays and pets running at large, so they decided to put their funds
together and establish their own city shelter.

   Currently, the following towns are serviced by the shelter: The cities of Delight, Dierks, Mineral Springs, Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Washington.

The Shelter

The shelter was built in 1998 and added onto in 2003. The shelter is
currently 32 feet wide x 100 feet long. It has two offices, a handicap
accessible restroom, 34 dog kennels, 19 cages for cats and a room for
storage of traps, food and equipment. With the addition to the building
we added a room with a washer and a dryer and another room with a
shower, plus a tub for washing animals. Both these rooms have storage
space on top of them.

We Are Sorry

We are sorry, but we do not have the personnel or time to take pictures
or info on the the animals to post on this website. Since 2007, we have
been overloaded with alot of animals coming into this facility. Please
come by the shelter and look or call us for anything you might be
looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?
Stripmap to Shelter
2.  Where in Nashville are you located?
1.  Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?

Control is located south of Nashville, just past Western Sizzlin.  Turn
into the Waste Treatment Plant. (physical address is 733 Hwy 27 Bypass)


Our mailing address is:

City of Nashville

Animal Control

426 North Main Street

Nashville, AR 71852


Our Phone Number is 870-845-7414

Our Fax Number is 870-845-0227

Email address is


Our hours of operation:

Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30 pm

Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday

The Shelter is located South of Nashville. On Hwy 27 Bypass. Between Western Sizzlin & Smith Animal Hospital.

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