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City Attorney

The City Attorney is elected every four (4) years by the residents of Nashville.  It is the duty of the City Attorney to prosecute all cases in municipal court for the violation of city ordinances, and to prosecute and defend, as the case may require, for the city, in all cases in which the city may be interested, whether civil or criminal, in all the courts, state and federal.

It is the duty of the City Attorney to advise with the Mayor and other officers of the city, to prepare all ordinances and to advise the Mayor and Council on matters relative to proposed ordinances, to prepare on request of the Mayor or any other officer of the city any legal papers, blanks, forms, etc., and to perform all other duties necessary in the administration of the city of Nashville required by the Mayor and the Council.

At this time with no attorney's living inside the city limits the duties of City Attorney are split between Bryan Chesshir and Aaron Brasel.

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