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Parks and Recreation Commission

Parks & Recreation Commission - Title 12, Chapter 12.04
The Nashville Parks &  Commission was established by Mayor Martin
Nowell on August 15, 1949, to establish a recreational park.  The
Commission consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor and
confirmed by a majority of the City Council. The Commission
oversees the operations and maintenance of approximately 165 acres of
recreation space with a workforce of nine employees.

Special events, recreational activities and sports tournaments are held
throughout the year and is known throughout Arkansas as one of the "best
in the state".

2012 Nashville Parks & Recreation Commission
Position 1(Expires 2017) - Heath Wallis, Co - Vice Chair

Position 2 (Expires 2013) - Jason Harrison

Position 3 (Expires 2015) - Donny Woods

Position 4 (Expires 2013) - Jim Guffy

Position 5 (Expires 2016) - Dale Patrick, Co - Vice Chair

Position 6 (Expires 2016) - Freddie Horne, Chair

Position 7 (Expires 2017) - Lesley White

Emeritus Commissioners - 20 Years of Active Service
Jim Graves
James Reed
Bobby Keaster
Deb Kinkade

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