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History of Nashville

In June, 1848, property was secured at the corner of Ft. Smith (now North
Main Street and Pope street).  The town
was given the name of Mine Creek, and remained until 1853 when Michael Womack
moved here from Nashville, TN, and changed the name to Nashville after his
Tennessee roots.  The unofficial name was
Hells Valley but it was an unworthy name of Christian citizens.

There are many historical places that can be visited including the place
where the first Dillard's department store was, the Nashville Post Office, 2nd oldest Drug Store
in Arkansas- Nashville Drug, beautiful historical homes, and the first church
in Nashville-First Baptist Church.

Today, Nashville has flourished into an up and coming town.  It has a county-owned, newly built hospital,
Howard Memorial Hospital, that has blossomed into a major healthcare service.  Industries like Tyson, Husqvarna, Mission
Plastics, EPI, and Pilgrims Pride is what keeps our town thriving.  Also, main street is always busy with
shoppers visiting the local stores.

Nashville enjoys a 165-acre city park, which holds the famous dinosaur
tracks. Nashville also boats the Nashville Country Club and Jamison Peach Farm for seasonal
peach picking.  There are also activities
for the whole family to enjoy in the surrounding areas such as lakes, Crater of
Diamonds State Park and Historic Washington State Park.

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