City Council

Fourth Monday of Every Month at 12pm

On behalf of the Nashville City Council Members, we extend a warm welcome to all community members and invite you to actively participate in our monthly meetings held on the fourth Monday of each month at 12pm in City Hall. These meetings serve as a vital platform for open dialogue, collaboration, and decision-making that shape the future of our city. Your engagement and input are crucial in helping us make informed decisions that reflect the needs and aspirations of our diverse community. Whether you have questions, concerns, or ideas, we encourage you to join us, share your thoughts, and contribute to the vibrant discussions that shape the policies and initiatives that drive Nashville forward. Together, let us create a stronger, more inclusive city that we can all be proud to call home. *Contact the city clerk for agenda item information.

City Clerk:

Lauren Hoen

426 N Main St

(870) 845-1432

M-F 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Council Minutes:

City Council Members

 Position 1Position 2
Ward 1Freddie HornJoe Hoen
Ward 2Donna HarwellNick Davis
Ward 3Phil JonesVivian Wright
Ward 4Will TurleyKay Gathright
Ward 5Charles PinkstonHerbert Turley
Ward 6Kathy CombsJimmy Dale