Finance Department

Welcome to the official website of the City of Nashville Finance Department. As the Finance Director, I am pleased to provide you with valuable information and resources related to the financial operations of our city. Our department is responsible for managing the fiscal health of Nashville, ensuring transparency, accountability, and sound financial practices. We strive to efficiently allocate resources, maintain the integrity of financial records, and provide excellent customer service to our residents and stakeholders. Through effective financial planning, budgeting, and reporting, we are dedicated to supporting the growth and prosperity of our community. We encourage you to explore our website, access financial documents, and reach out to our team with any inquiries. Together, let’s build a financially responsible and prosperous future for Nashville.

Finance Director: Kimberly Green

Office hours: M-F 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

(870) 845-7404

426 North Main Street

Contact the Finance Department: