Public Works: Water Office

Water Office Information:

Phone: 870-845-1440

Address: 426 N Main St.

Hours: M-F 8am-4:30pm


Note: Small Fee Applies & You’ll need your water account number with the dashes.

*Senior Discount on Water/Trash for residents 65 and older

Deposits: $100

Meter deposits are applied to an account when the account is closed, any remainder of the deposit that is left after paying any balances on the account will then be refunded.

Billing Dates

Water bills are mailed out on the 1st of each month. All bills are due by the 15th of each month.  A 10% penalty is added after the 15th.  Any bill not paid BEFORE the 25th is cutoff for nonpay.

Water Distribution Department Head: Micah Megginson 870-557-1499

*The Water Distribution Department has an on call phone that can be reached after hours, 870-845-9705

Street Department

1006 S 5th St.

Contact: Mike Hale 870-845-8525

Debris Pick Up: (870) 845-1440

Water Treatment Plant

109 Lake Nichols

(870) 845-1205

Contact: Steve Rhodes 870-845-7797


Waste Water Treatment

743 Hwy 27 Bypass

(870) 845-4522

Contact: Kevin Funderburk 870-557-5704


Southwestern Electric Power Company


Visit Website

Natural Gas

CenterPoint Energy


Visit Website


Trash services are paid on the water bill.

(870) 845-1440

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